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17-18 Reading Specialist - Middle Grades, Part-Time (44)

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Title17-18 Reading Specialist - Middle Grades, Part-Time
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17-18 Reading Specialist Job Description - Middle Grades, Part-time


Description and Vision:

The Soulsville Charter School (TSCS) Middle School’s Reading Specialist’s primary role is to provide differentiated instruction for middle schoo; developing readers* using Read180** curriculum Monday-Friday. The specialist is tasked with providing foundational reading skills to enable students to grow, as measured by the NWEA MAP assessment, and matriculate to higher level reading classrooms. In addition to this primary responsibility, the specialist will operate portions of the TSCS middle school library, Accelerated Reader (AR) testing, reading tutoring (where Leveled Literacy Intervention is implemented), and update Millionaire (1,000,000 words read) status tracking.


Report To: 

Middle School Director


Performance Responsibilities:


Reading Classes

  • Teach two sections of Accelerated Foundational Reading classes (6th, 7th and 8th grade groups) using the Read180 curriculum.

Centralized TSCS Library

  • Manage centralized TSCS library every day, i.e., check-out, check-in, and reshelve books,  ensure that all TSCS library books checked out are labeled correctly (example: Property of TSCS stamp on front cover, correct genre and AR level, and labeled with a TSCS bar code), and update Alexandria and AR systems (incoming 6th graders and new students).
  • Lock TSCS library everyday upon leaving.
  • Monitor damaged books and issue 1st damaged book notices to students.  Note: A Dean of Students will handle the second and the third infractions of damaged book notices.
  • Update tracker when damaged book notices are issued.
  • Re-enter recovered books into the library system.
  • Coordinate interim incentives for Millionaire program and celebrate student words read growth by monitoring and recognizing new “millionaires”.
  • Update public data tracking for words read by the school and individual grade levels.
  • Report any library questions or concerns to an administrator.

Maintaining Systems and Reporting Data

  • Track Accelerated Reader words read weekly and update tracking system weekly by Friday at 11am.
  • Create mail merge for Revolutionary Reading weekly reports and print by 11am Friday. Deliver these to the office to be included in weekly reports.
  • Maintain Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) systems and provide staff professional development for LLI execution.
  • Provide leveled story packets for each Community Base weekly for students without reading materials. Place story packets in CB binders. Check and replenish binders weekly, if necessary.  


Perform other duties as assigned



1.  Bachelor’s Degree or higher degree


2.  Minimum of three years of successful K-12 classroom teaching experience, preferably in an upper elementary or middle school setting


3.  A valid reading specialist certificate strongly encouraged


4.  Deep knowledge of reading, writing and literacy development


5.  Outstanding presentation and facilitation skills


6.  Interpersonal skills (communication, problem solving, conflict management, collaboration) to share research based instructional approaches with teachers and administrators and provide advice, mentoring and coaching


7.  Strong organizational skills


8.  Familiarity with the implementation of Accelerated Reader, Read 180 and similar school wide reading programs


9.  Deep understanding of leveled literacy instruction, interpreting reading data, and targeting instruction to student reading levels



* Developing Reader: TSCS identifies a developing reader is a student who is two or more grade levels  behind in reading.

**Read 180: READ 180 is the leading blended learning solution that accelerates learning for struggling readers by merging the latest brain science, adaptive technology, professional development, and knowledge for school and life.


Shift TypePart-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationMiddle School

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Start Date08/10/2017